How to Edit media
in Windows Video Converter

Click “Edit” button on the right side of the information bar.

Edit media101.png 

Edit media103.png 


Advanced Cut is to remove the unwanted from and cut down to the desired videos or audios clips.

Edit media202.png 


Crop is to cut off excess parts of the video with the aim of bringing the size and position to the desired state.

Edit media319.png 


Watermark is a mark which could be text, picture, video and animated gift. Well-made watermark can not only not influence the effect of the original video, but also can identify authenticity and protect copyright. 

Edit media537.png 


Effect is to embellish videos with filters and modification on brightness, contrast, saturation, temperature, speed for a better appreciation of the experience

Edit media701.png 


Subtitle is the use of texts to display the dialogue in the video.It help the less listening viewers understand the content of the program and aid viewers to interpret foreign language videos

Edit media896.png 


Music is to add musical background to the home movie. Music adjusted to ear could mobilize people’s emotions, which leaving people profound impression.

Edit media1051.png 

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