How to Add Music in Windows Video Converter

Music is to add musical background to the home movie. Music adjusted to ear could mobilize people’s emotions, which leaving people profound impression.


Step1:Open tool 

1. Click” +” in the middle of the window and select the video in the window.

The other way is to check the video and drag it into the rounded rectangle in Windows Video Converter.

2. Click “ Music393.png Tools” at the top right of the form to open the tool “Music”.

3. Then it automatically jumps out of a window to add music to the video.




Step2:Add music

1. Click the Music559.png icon to import the music.

2. Tick” Remove Original Audio”.



Step3:Adjust music options

1. Drag small button left or right to increase or decrease the music volume.

2. Drag and drop the round button at each end of the yellow line to determine the duration of the music.

3. Tick Fade in and Fade out to weaken and strengthen the sound gradually.


1. To get the video back to the beginning, click Reset to the right of the top left video name.


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