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How to Use PIP in Windows Movie Maker

PIP (A picture-in-picture) means that two TV programs are played on one screen at the same time.

The main one is displayed on the main video track, and the second one - in the small window located in any place on the screen on the overlay video track. It can be two video clips , for example, a logo located in the corner of your video.

Step 1: Add the first  Video 

Click an video and drag it to the main media track. You’ll see a green frame showing you where you can put your clip.

Step 2: Add the second  Video

Click an video and drag it to the overlayer media track. 


Step 3: Adjust the second video positon and size

Click the second video , at the right side of the preview window will show a PIP Layout option  button.

PIP button provides 9 positon: PIP center , 1/2 top ,1/2 bottom ,1/2 left, 1/2 right, 1/4 bottom left,1/4 bottom right, 1/4 top left ,1/4 top right. It will help you se the right position of the seconde video.

To change the size and positon ,you can drag the green dooted frame at the preview window, set the second video to perfect performance.

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