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How to edit text animation in Window Movie Maker

Animation Type:

The text animation can be divided into the move, the zoom, the rotation, the stretch, the fading, the fly, the bounce, and the marquee.

You can move from the left, the right, the top, the bottom, the upper left, the upper right, the lower left, the lower right to the center.

  • Fading in and fading out can respectively have the effect of making the text clear and blurred.

  • Rotation is classified into rotating clockwise and rotating counterclockwise.

  • Zooming is usually combined with other animations like rotation, move and stretch scale the text.

  • Bounce is used to move the clip quickly up, back, or away from a surface after hitting it.

  • Marquee let the text slide slowly from the right to the left.

Animation Duration:

The default duration of a text effect is 1 second. To change the duration of a text effect,you can also  click the animation icon ,select to input a new duration.


Edit Text Animation

Step1:Enter edit mode 

  •  Click the text of the preview window. The yellow line will automatically appear to enter it.

  •  Click the text clip of the text layer track. 

Click the "animation" icon to enter animation mode.


Step2: Set the motion and duration

Scroll the dropdown menu to select the motion you want.  

Edit the animation duration by manual input and several clicks. 




Step3: Preview text animation

Drag the white dot to the begin and click play to review it at the preview window. Preview the video and refined text. 



Remove animation: Scrool up the motion type and choose "no motion'.


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