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Updating the graphics card driver to use
Windows Movie Maker

If you encounter an error message asking you to update your graphics drivers, you will need to download a new driver from your graphics card manufacturer's website or use the Win10 auto-update  install it on your system. Some graphics card drivers also have a useful utility that notifies you when a driver update is available and updates the driver automatically. Keeping your graphics card drivers up-to-date will ensure stable performance of applications and games on your computer.

Step 1: Find your graphics card manufacturer

  1. Right-click your desktop and choose Display Settings.          Updating the graphics card driver to use  Windows Movie Maker step 1

  2. Scroll down the windows, click Advanced display settings.           Updating the graphics card driver to use  Windows Movie Maker step 1

  3. This will open your graphics card properties. Note the full name of the graphics card somewhere for later.          


  4. Click the blue link "Dispaly adaptor properties for Display1"

Step 2: Use Win10 Auto Update drivie

  1. Click the "properties" of graphic.

  2. Click the 2nd tab"Driver",click the "Update driver".

  3. Select Option 1 "Search automatically for updated driver software", win10 will help you auto update it.autoupdate.png

Download  from Offical  graphic site 

Now that you've learned your graphics card manufacturer and model, go to the manufacturer's website and find driver downloads. There, look for the model or series that you've found earlier and download the driver installation file. Some manufacturers may also offer a utility that will automatically find the necessary driver.

Once the file is completely downloaded, run the installation file and follow the onscreen instructions to install the driver on your system. Your display may blink several times in the process. After the installation has finished, it is advised that you restart the computer.


Only download drivers from the official manufacturer's website. Third-party websites offering driver downloads may contain malware.

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