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How to Record Video in Windows Movie Maker 2019

Follow the steps below to record video from a camera that's connected to your computer. 

Step 1: Open the record mode

Click the icon of "Camera" at the top of timeline.


Step 2:  Record Video Setting 

  • In the Video capture device, choose the camera you want to use for capture. 

  • select the resolution and frame rate. A larger resolution will be able to retain better quality, however, the video file size will be larger. 

  • A higher frame rate is necessary for recording motion, while static scenes can be captured with a lower frame rate.

 Suggestion setting is :  Resolution:1280x720    Frame Rate:30

Step 3:  Record Audio Setting

In the Audio capture device, choose the microphone that you want to record the sound with.

Step 4: Record files Saving Setting

The recording  files   will be saved to your movie maker folder. If you want to save them somewhere else, click the folder icon button  at the right side of folder url.


Step 5: Start Recording

Click Start Capture to begin recording the video. During capture, you can take snapshots using the camera button  on the right.


Step6: Finish Recording

Click StopTo finish the recording, . And you can click "View saved files" to open the recording folder ,check the recording files.


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