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How to Use PIP in Windows Movie Maker

Picture in Picture is to put your image/video as the overlay on top of another.




Step1: Add your overlay


  • Click “+” to import your overlay to the main track on the timeline.

  • Drag it to the overlay track.



Step2: Enter edit mode


  • Click your overlay to pitch on it. And there appears the square frame with yellow lines.

  • Click the “settings” icon or right-click the oveerlay and choose “Edit/Rotate/Fade” to open edit mode.


Step3: Edit your PIP


  • You can choose the position of the overlay by clicking PIP Layout. Several positions are as follows:

       PIP Center, 1/2 Top, 1/2 Bottom, 1/2 Left, 1/2 Right, 1/4 Bottom Left, 1/4 Bottom Right, 1/4 Top Left, 1/4 Top Right

  • Keep the ratio of your images so they do not distort when you zoom in and out of the picture.

  • Drag the picture to any angles when you put the mouse on the green dot at the top of the picture.

    You can input any angles between -360°-360°. Up and down arrows can adjust angles slightly.

  • Click "counterclockwise" and "clockwise" icon to rotate left and right 90.

       The last two icons respectively shows horizontal flip and vertical flip.



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