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How to Use Green Screen

The Green Screen is a method used to key out colors or objects in the video. The blue and green color doesn’t match any natural skin tone or hair color, so it’s easy to remove without grabbing parts of the person in the foreground.

  • Chroma Color:the color to key out  in the video.

  • Opacity: set to the opacity of color

  • Intensity: the strengthen of key out 

Step1: Enter to the edit mode

  • Confirm the video is in the overlay media track.

  • Click the timeline and there appears the square frame with yellow lines.

  • Right-click the timeline and select the “Edit” option.


Step2: Set the Green Screen 

  • Click the option tab with ''Green Screen"

  • Set the Chroma color

  • Click the picker and choose the key out color


  • Drag the opacity to zero

  • Adjust the range of intensity,it's better at the 700~900.


Please note that click “reset” button if you are not satisfied with the current  after previewing the video.

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