MPAK is a compressed digital file,which is used to boot office or system image.The resources on our MovieZilla shop are all in MPAK format,and Windows Movie Maker application supports this style of resource coversion. Moviezilla has many interesting packages for users to try out for free.However, many people don't know how to download and use it.This article can help you solve that problem. 

Step 1:Download the package from the website 

Log on to MovieZilla,select your favorite material under the Pack directory,and then click the display image on the page.Next, you will see the green download button. Click and download to save the file to your computer.

IMG 5280.png


Step 2:Use the download package in Windows Movie Maker

Click the downloaded MPAK file and select "OK" in the prompt.If you have already opened Windows Movie Maker,you need to restart the application to use the package you just downloaded.

Click the "ELEMENTS" directory at the top of the page,and then go to the "Lines" category under "Store Resource" to view the packages you want to use.Similary,you can find files with names in "Store Resource" under several other directories.For example,download font files can be found in the "TEXT" directory.




Step 3:Save the video you made

Click the green EXPORT button at the bottom of the page, and save it in the appropriate location on your computer.


You find it easy and fun? If you are interested,please visit our website and download the revant application for a try.

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