There are abundant font resources in MovieZilla shop,which canbe used in different scenarios.However,many people don't know how to download and use them in their images or videos.The specific steps are as follows.

Step 1:Download the font you like

Open the MovieZilla website, and then find your favorite font in the font directory.Find what you want,just click the mouse and download the font for free.Don't forget to register an account in advance,enter your email and password to download tons of content for free.


Step 2:Install the new font

Compress the download package,and you can see the TTF file with new font.Right-click on the file and select "Install".You can use the new font in Windows Movie Maker.After selecting "Install",don't forget to restart Windows Movie Maker.

TTF,short for TrueType fonts,was originally designed and launched by Apple and later used in Windows operating system.It's the extension of font file based on the font technology of TrueType specification,which can provide the highest quality display independent of resolution on screen and printer.All modern applications that need fonts can use TTF files.TTF font files can be obtained free of charge on our website and opened and used in Windows Movie Maker. 


Step 3:Use the new font in Windows Movie Maker

Click the "Add Text" button to edit the text you want to add,and move it to the appropriate position.Click the text option button at the top of the window,you'll be able to find the download new font in the font bar and  use it easily. 




Here are the steps to install and use the new font.If you are interested in it,just give it a shot.

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