MovieZilla Store Template is a kind of ZIP file, which a special file set for Windows Movie Maker template.

The MovieZilla Store proviede includes a large number of templates designed for Windows Movie Maker, a set of visually related subtitles and transitions. These templates have a unique visual style and can provide professional modifications for your movies. When you build a movie, Windows Movie Maker can easily add these subtitles and transitions. 

At present, MovieZilla Store provides a large number of free templates for use, including travel, weddings, memorial day, study, sports, business introductions, movie subtitles, etc., which can meet the needs of videos production and save the time for video production more effectively. 

How Can I get the Template

Method 1

Ony you just visite, find the template you want,just click the free download button.template1.jpg

Method 2

Click the "Tempalte" icon at the main menu of Windows Movie Maker, double click the thumbnail to browse the template video you want.


How Can I Use the Template

Before use the template you must confrim the Windows Movie Maker is at least 9.7 version, you can click "Help/check for update",and check with it.


Template from the MovieZilla Store 
1. Select your template from store web page,download with it.

2. Unzip the template file, click file "main. Mproj", and it will automatically open the Windows Movie Maker, so you can preview and edit it easily. mproj.jpg

3. Change text: click the text clip,and you can edit the text at the preview viewer.

4. Replace Media: right click the video clip which you want ot change,select "Change Media" and find you video clip to update.


Template from the Windows Movie Maker

1. In the Windows Movie Maker,click "Template" at the main menu bar.

2. Choose a template to use, double click the thumbnail to preview.When you find the template that you want, drag it to the main video track.

3. Edit the text and video clip.

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